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DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP is a financial services group focusing on strategic consulting, asset management, fund management, investment advisory and investor relationship in institutional private market investments in real estate, private equity real estate and infrastructure.  DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP is headquartered in Munich and has offices in London, Zurich, Luxembourg and Paris and. Through innovative financial strategies and focused asset management consulting. DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP offers exclusive access to international markets and their investment opportunities for private, professional and institutional investors.

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DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP has unique networks to other institutional investors and local Asset Managers and thus secures access to investment strategies that are not publicly available.

DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP caters specific needs of different investor types through individualized investment structures and at the same time enables its clients to jointly invest in global institutional real estate and infrastructure strategies.

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A selection of excellent private market investments offers the potential to generate attractive returns and at the same time minimizes portfolio risk through diversification. Risk diversification contains investments in different countries, regions, sectors as well as different investment styles, investment vintages and terms. DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP manages a global portfolio of real estate, private equity real estate and infrastructure investments.

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DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP focuses on investment strategies with an attractive risk adjusted return profile starting with the question: "where capital is needed in the future?" In this respect DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP takes into account mega trends like globalisation, population growth, Urbanization, growing middle class and demography. With DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP investors get access to international market opportunities - where they arise!


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